Fine wines have many outstanding characteristics, but wine containers are often overlooked. This is why Graphic Packaging Internatlonal (GPI) is involved in the field of wine packaging to help Tefft Cellars Winery develop wine packaging.

Currently, two Tefft Cdlars Winery wines are beginning to try GPI's Z-FIute corrugated cardboard packaging.

The letter Z in GPI's Z-Flute corrugated cardboard packaging means "no", because there is no core between the top and bottom paper of Z-FIute corrugated board compared to conventional corrugated board.

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We are specialized in Paper Jewelry Box more than 15 years. In general, it is able to as ring package, watch package and necklace package etc. The Dyed Paper Jewelry Gift Box is made of white cardboard and embossing paper. In the top, there is a bow on the top for open the box easily. The embossing paper has Good specialty paper ink absorption, color slants shallow. So please consider the printing color of the Top and bottom Box For Jewelry.


Pictures of Dyed Paper Jewelry Gift Box for your reference

Jewelry Box 6 10Jewelry Box 6 11Jewelry Box 6 9Jewelry Box 6 8

Dyed Paper Jewelry Gift Box

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