On October 9th, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau issued the “2013 Provincial Grade Supervision and Inspection Quality Status Announcement for 7 Kinds of Wood Furniture, etc.”, and Yuting, Fuyi and other brands all had blacklists of unqualified products.

According to the sampling inspection issued by the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (hereinafter referred to as “Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau”) in early October, 87 batches of 747 batches of wood furniture products produced by 502 enterprises were unqualified, and the rate of unqualified products was 11.6%, including well-known brands such as Yuting Furniture and Fuyi Home. Guangdong furniture, which once led the development of China's furniture industry, has now become the hardest hit area for inferior furniture, which has shaken the industry. Where is the way out for Chinese furniture?

Yu Ting Fu Yi and other quality black list

On October 9th, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau issued the “2013 Provincial Grade Supervision and Inspection Quality Status Announcement for 7 Kinds of Wood Furniture, etc.”, and Yuting, Fuyi and other brands all had blacklists of unqualified products.

In the list of Guangdong Province's wood furniture product quality provincial regular supervision and inspection of unqualified products and its production enterprises in 2013, one trademark is “Yu Ting”, and the nominal production enterprise name is “Dongguan Yongxin Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.”, specifications The dining chair with the model number "5Y60B# qualified product", the production date or the batch number is "May 04, 2013", was judged as a non-conforming product due to the unqualified amount of formaldehyde emission; the other trademark is "Fuyi Home", The nominal production company name is “Zhongshan Fuyi Furniture Co., Ltd.”, the specification model number is “F8802-824”, the production date or the batch number is “April 22, 2013”, and the square lamp stage is blacklisted due to unqualified adhesion.

Yuting Furniture and Fuyi Home are famous in the industry. Yuting Furniture is affiliated to Dongguan Yongxin Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which was established in 1994 and is known as the earliest, largest and highest-achieving comprehensive furniture design, manufacturing and brand marketing enterprise in China's furniture industry. The unqualified release amount became the protagonist of the black list. Fu Yi's home is also very strong. It was founded in 1991 and invested by the Macau family company. It claims to be a loyal partner of the top 25 furniture companies in the US, OEM and ODM. It has introduced precision in Germany, Italy, the United States, China and Taiwan. Machinery, using high-tech modern management, such an international style of Fu Yi home appearance of unqualified adhesion is quite intriguing.

Guangdong into poor quality furniture hardest hit areas

In addition to Yuting, Fuyi and other well-known brands on the quality black list, 87 batches of unqualified furniture in this sampling, up to 11.6% of the unqualified rate caused the industry's concerns about the quality of "Guangdong made" furniture.

The spot inspection announcement stated that this regular supervision inspection involved 747 batches of wood furniture products produced by 502 enterprises in 11 cities (districts) including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Shanwei, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing and Shunde. It was found that 87 batches were unqualified, and the unqualified product discovery rate was 11.6%. In the unqualified projects, wood furniture involves formaldehyde emission, heavy metal content, mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties of paint film, physical and chemical properties of soft and hard covering, woodworking requirements, appearance of wood-based panels, etc.; children's furniture involves structural safety (edge ​​and tip) , the limit of harmful substances (formaldehyde emission, surface coating transferable element content), warning signs, appearance requirements (appearance of wooden parts).

Guangdong has always been an important distribution center for Chinese furniture production. It has the reputation of “world factory” and is leading the development trend of China's furniture industry. In a random inspection, the quality of so many furniture companies has been shaped, causing many worries in the industry. According to industry insiders, the problem of product failure is mainly on the basic materials such as wood-based panels. If the basic materials are unqualified, the products produced will certainly be unqualified. Why do some artificial panel companies always produce unqualified products, and why are manufacturers always willing to use these products? According to insiders, this has a certain relationship with price competition. Some enterprises choose low-quality wood-based panels in order to seek low prices. The lower the price, the more the product quality will not be guaranteed. Informed people even revealed that the 11.6% failure rate is not surprising at all, and there are more unqualified products that have not been spotted. They are entering thousands of households through various markets.

Experts reminded to choose carefully

Fortunately, in addition to Yuting, Fuyi and other well-known, most of the unqualified products exposed by the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau are produced by miscellaneous brand manufacturers, and there are few red apples that are inspected at the same time in Beijing. The products of well-known brands such as Sofia and Europa are very qualified.

Experts suggest that consumers must carefully select miscellaneous brands when purchasing furniture. Usually, miscellaneous manufacturers put economic interests first, and they are not so strict in materials and workmanship. Even if there are quality problems, they are not afraid. "They have nothing." Brands, not to worry about the economic loss caused by the damage of brand honors, and well-known brands in order to maintain credibility, from material selection to work will pay more attention.

Yu Xiusu, vice president and secretary general of the Beijing Furniture Industry Association, advised consumers to buy branded furniture from well-known stores. “The strength of the brand enterprise is strong. In order to maintain the brand awareness, the environmental protection, workmanship and other indicators are also more important. They produce according to national standards. The requirements for all aspects are relatively strict, from quality to environmental protection, performance and so on are relatively better."

Another person in the industry spends a trick to buy a safe furniture - buy samples, "I am not afraid of it, because manufacturers generally put out samples that are good in materials, design, structure, environmental performance and other aspects. In order to attract consumers to buy, after a period of scatter, buy back more assured.

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