The China (Shanghai) International Printing Week, which opened yesterday at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, took the theme of "service innovation, technology leadership, and green development" and represented all 52 national printing demonstration enterprises at the highest level in China's printing industry.

At this year's China International Printing Week, two goldfish tanks in the flexographic printing exhibition area attracted visitors. The fish is not water, but the water-based ink used in flexo printing. This design highlights that flexographic printing is truly non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly and healthy.
Today, green printing comprehensively covers the city's primary and secondary school students teaching supplementary books. There are two primary school mathematics books on the table, one is a traditional offset book, and the other is a flexographic green book. There is no difference between the pictures and the text in the book; but when you pick it up, there is still a familiar "ink smell" in the offset book, but you can hardly smell anything in the flexographic book. On the wall beside the display cabinet, the metal content of the water-based ink used in flexographic printing is listed in detail. Jin Weikang, assistant general manager of Shanghai Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., said, "The flexographic printing books we exhibited last year used the technology of 110 lines. Compared with offset books, the image text is not so delicate and vivid. This year, the technology has exceeded 150 lines. , The difference between the current flexo book and offset book is very small, and will definitely not affect the use. "
Speaking of the now hot "Listen to Dad Telling Stories," Jin Weikang said that "Listen to Dad Telling Stories", which was published through flexographic printing, had not received much attention in China at first, but instead made the publisher secretly worried about its sales. "In March of this year, the publisher took this set of books to the Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy and became the world's first set of children's books printed with environmentally friendly ink and wash. As a result, it was not only favored by foreign booksellers, but even exhibitors from China Publishers also have a great interest in it. Our "Made in China" local books are still accepted by ourselves only after they are "gilded" abroad. "
According to reports, in addition to cooperation with Beijing Children's Publishing House and Children's Publishing House, this summer's book fair, including popular literary journals "Harvest" and "Sprout", will also announce cooperation with Xinhua Printing, using flexographic printing to bring readers Come to Health Green Journal.
Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Shanghai Deputy Mayor Weng Tiehui attended the opening ceremony.

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