When the nasal membrane is used up, the strawberry nose can disappear instantly, but it will not cure the symptoms. After a while, the strawberry nose will come out again, so Xiaobian here is to tell everyone the correct method of use.

It’s important to use the nose stick to shrink pores.

Tips for nasal membrane use:

1, the first use should pay attention to the use of parts can not be red, swollen or have a wound, broken skin, otherwise it is easy to break acne or make the wound inflammation.

2, there will be some irritation when using, so skin thin or sensitive skin should not be used.

3, up to two times a week, and each interval of more than 3 days, once less than 15 minutes.

Correct use of the nasal membrane:

1. Wash the face with warm water before use, and steam the face properly in the steam of hot water to make the facial pores open and soften the keratin, which helps to clean and discharge the toxins, making the effect more ideal.

2, the nose paste should be stuck in the wet condition, so do not need to dry the water after steaming the surface, directly paste the nose paste. If there are still some parts that are not tight after the nasal paste is attached, you can use a little bit of water or lotion on the cotton to slap the nose to help stabilize.

3, when removing the nasal paste must be from the bottom to the pull up, the action is fast, only have the desired effect. Then clean the local residue with warm water.

Pore ​​shrinking steps:

After removing the blackheads, it is best to apply a frozen, refreshing, non-fragrance toner or pure water to the nose and T-zone with a cotton pad. In addition to calming the skin, it can also shrink pores. If you want to reduce inflammation, you can use a cotton swab dipped in the right amount of alcohol.

If you want to use a more natural method, you can apply a layer of egg white on the nose after the nasal membrane, wash it off after drying, and then apply a layer of astringent water to suppress the pores from getting bigger. >>>4Teach you to be a beautiful woman

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