The high temperature aging box is mainly used to simulate the aging test of artificial light sources such as sunlight and rain, especially the artificial accelerated test of plastic, paint and rubber materials in the environment of sunlight, rain and dew. Used to assess changes in materials such as fading, color change, gloss, cracking, blistering, embrittlement, oxidation, etc.


Established in 1988, Ai Sizhen testing equipment has been operating high-temperature aging boxes, constant temperature and humidity test chambers and other reliability testing equipment for many years, and is committed to technical research and quality improvement; supporting professional advice, perfect products, fast After sales service. Ai Siyi's professional perspective gives you a brief description of the principles and functions of the high temperature aging chamber.

The high temperature aging box uses a fluorescent UV lamp to simulate the effect of light on physical properties. Most of the ultraviolet fluorescent tubes produce ultraviolet light instead of visible light and infrared light. The short-wavelength UVs they use are more intense than the UV light waves currently found on the Earth's surface, so these UV light, which is much shorter than the natural wavelength, can speed up the test to the greatest extent, providing improved material formulation and improved product performance. in accordance with. Through testing, it is judged whether the performance of the product can still meet the predetermined requirements to provide product design, improvement, identification and factory inspection. The reason for using UV lamps is because they are more stable than other tubes and can better reproduce the test results.

High temperature aging box temperature and humidity operation control system

a Temperature controller high-precision digital display instrument, high-precision digital display instrument, color LCD touch screen

b time controller import programmable time computer integrated controller

c Light heating system stainless steel electric heating tube

High temperature aging box performance indicators

a UV wavelength 313nm, 340nm

b Function without irradiance adjustment, manual adjustment of irradiance, automatic adjustment of irradiance

c Temperature range RT+10°C~70°C

d Humidity range ≥95% R·T

e Distance between lamps is 70mm

f sample and lamp distance 50mm

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