Sunshine handsome summer rough eyebrow makeup

The first feeling that summer brings us is the sun, and many people like the tanned skin color. But most people still prefer the fair complexion, so you can change the color on the makeup. Today, I will learn about the summer eyebrow makeup with Xiaobian and make a beautiful sun.

Makeup step diagram:

1. First determine the position of the eyebrow

First, gently draw from the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow, the area where the hair is sparse can be filled.

2. Fill the gap between the eyebrows with eyebrow powder

Along the direction of the eyebrows, it is the key to slowly smear the natural eyebrow shape from the eyebrows to the brow bone.

3. Bold slightly downwards

If the eyebrows are too thin, the eyebrows should be thickened with the eyebrow powder. The eyebrows will be closer to the eyebrows.

4. Use eyebrow dye to paint eyebrows

Draw the eyebrows one by one with the eyebrow cream, so that there will be a real effect.

5. First use blush cream to smudge

First, use the blush cream to smudge the direction of the eye from the direction of the eye.

6. Apply blush cream from the underside of the eyeball to the eye.

Then, it is gently smudged from the outside of the cheeks to the outside of the cheeks. If you brush in the horizontal direction, you will have a healthy and natural makeup.


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