Analysing the domestic plastic bottle industry, we can see that the plastic bottle industry gradually gathered during the development process and formed several major production areas, such as Li County, Yuhuan, and Shunde. There are many plastic bottle manufacturers in these production areas, and they are basically the same in the main series of products. This brings convenience to purchasers and provides more cooperation advantages between plastic bottle manufacturers in the production area.

What we are talking about today is the collaboration between manufacturers in each plastic bottle production area. Although these plastic bottle manufacturers are in a competitive relationship. However, looking at the whole country and the entire world, they should cooperate with other plastic bottle manufacturers to deal with other competing manufacturers. Through the cooperation between each other to save resources, while increasing the visibility of producing areas, attracting more tourists.

For cooperation, we must give full play to the functions of the management departments in the production areas. For example, plastic bottle manufacturers can maximize the degree of resource saving through the mutual lease of bottle blowing equipment in plastic bottles and the rational allocation of idle blowing molds. At the same time, internal resources sharing, talent exchange, and other methods can be used to enhance plastic bottles in production areas. The joint effort between manufacturers.

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