Pelvic dysplasia is also one of the causes of obesity. If pelvic correction is performed, obesity problems in many parts of the body will be solved. Whether it is thin arms, thin waist, and reduced thighs, it is easy to learn the most popular sleep in Japan. The front pelvis is frustrated for five minutes a day to correct the body shape and slim down.


Japan has been very popular with pelvic adjustment exercises in recent years. Many small inadvertent movements in life can cause the pelvis to be skewed, for example: Alice legs, shoulder bags, etc. Many slimming experts have found that because the pelvis is not correct, causing the body to be uneven or even skewed, it will unconsciously exert excessive force on a certain part of the body, which will indirectly affect blood circulation and metabolism, resulting in problems such as poor body shape and obesity.

Now Ayu, a famous Japanese waist expert, designed a set of “five-minute whole bone movement before going to bed”, which not only can adjust the pelvic slant, but also restore the fatigue of the day, adjust and sculpture in the sleep!

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Meat Fork

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