Patent Name: Method of Packaging Paired Packed Cigarette Packs into a Hinged Covered Box Patent Patent Applicant Gidue Joint Stock Company Principal Applicant Address Bologna, Italy Inventor Giordano Gambellini; Marco Genie Marco Brizi application (patent) No. 200510083676.2 application date 2005.07.12 certification date approval announcement number 1721294 approval announcement date 2006.01.18 specification CD-ROM D0603-1 main classification number B65D85/10 (2006.01) I classification number B65D85 /10 (2006.01) I Division Original Application No. 2004.7.12 IT BO2004A000433 Abstract Packing a pair of cigarette packs (16; 16a, 16b) into a box with a hinged lid (3) (1; 1a) In the method, whereby the blank (19; 19a) is fed into a corresponding pocket (33) of the packaging wheel (31), wherein the blank has a first portion (20) defining a body (2), and the The second part (21) of the hinged lid (3) of the corresponding pack (1; 1a), in order to pass through the respective first part (20), defines two adjacent sides separated from each other by the central rib (18) Containers (13, 14), the pockets (33) have corresponding pairs of adjacent bottoms (35, 36); The two containers (13, 14) are fed through the loading station (40) to sequentially receive the respective packaged group of cigarettes (16; 16a, 16b) having the corresponding connectors (17; 17a, 17b) (16; 16a, 16b) ), and one container is then flipped over to another container so as to define the body (2) of the corresponding package (1; 1a). Slaves 1. A method of packaging pairs of cigarette packs into corresponding hinged lids, the method comprising the steps of: feeding a blank (19; 19a) onto a packaging path (P) so that The blanks (19; 19a) are folded to define first and second adjacent containers (13, 14) positioned along the package path (P) and separated by a central rib (18) intersecting the package path (P), Wherein the blank has a first portion (20) defining a body (2), and a second portion (21) defining a hinged lid (3) of a corresponding package (1; 1a), the second container (14) being laterally connected To the second part (21); by performing two step-by-step stops to successively lock the first and the second containers (13, 14) at the loading station (40) so as to follow the packaging path ( P) and feeding the blanks (19; 19a) in the set running direction (38) through the loading station (40) in order to load the group of cigarettes (16; 16a, 16b); there will be at each stop The respective group of cigarettes (16; 16a, 16b) of the respective connector (17; 17a, 17b) is fed to any one of said first and second containers (13, 14) currently locked at the loading station (40); Along the packaging path ( P) and feeding the blanks (19; 19a) and the corresponding groups of cigarettes (16; 16a, 16b) with corresponding joints (17; 17a, 17b) in the set running direction (38) through the turning station (42) ); At the turning station (42), the first or the second container (13, 14) is turned around the top edge portion of the central rib (18) to the upper portion of the other so as to be in phase. Two cigarette groups (16; 16a, 16b) are clamped between the stacked first and second containers (13, 14); and the first and second containers are stacked around (13,14) The second portion (21) is folded so as to form a hinged lid (3).

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