Lulu Lemon Yoga Wear: Listening to Sound from the Ground Date: 2015-09-08 14:43

Lulu known as Canada's first professional sports brand, in North America, it is the first choice for people to perform yoga, fitness and other sports apparel. In China, many people are willing to pay for a LV or GUCCI package; but in Canada, girls are more willing to use their money to buy a Lulu lemon pants.

In 1998, Canadian businessman Dennis Wilson participated in a yoga class. However, he found that most of the students wear sportswear made of cotton-polyester blended fabrics, which are neither close-fitting nor sweaty. As a result, Wilson produced a black female yoga exercise trousers, which use a textile material that is both breathable and fit. Soon after, Wilson founded Lulu Lemon in Vancouver. The company opened a small design studio, retail store and yoga training hall.

At the beginning, Wilson personally designed, made clothes, and improved it based on feedback from people who practice yoga here. Because of its proximity to customers, the company was widely praised locally in Vancouver soon after its establishment. Listening to the sound from the bottom is the most important part of Lulu's culture. Company CEO Christine said. In Vancouver, a very ordinary Sunday, Kristin is rushing to help customers in the fitting room to trousers. At Lulu Lemon, this is a common business process. From top management, financial accounting, and design teams, each employee of the company must work at least 8 hours in the store every month. For a retail company, this rule is extraordinary. This is a measure to bring employees close to customers, and these customers are growing yoga families.

Yoga clothing brand Lulu Lemon has emerged from many sportswear brands in just a few years. Today, Lulu lemon yoga clothing has become synonymous with fashion. Whether it is a big star or an ordinary housewife, everyone is proud to have a Lulu lemon yoga wear.

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