Ben Wang compiled reports: Design bottle prescription for Target Corp. Pharmacy gives the phrase "extreme appearance improvement" new concept.

Deborah Adler, the mastermind of the Target's ClearRx bottle, started this new idea when he participated in the Visual Arts School in Manhattan Island (New York, USA). This should be to design a new, easier-to-use package of drugs that will enable patients to easily identify their drugs.

Adler sold her ideas to Target in Nyapolis, and with the help of industrial designer Klaus Rosberg, Minneapolis' Target retailer implemented the ClearRx bottles for liquids and tablets. This bottle is co-extruded/blow molded from red PETG.

Matt Grisik, the project leader, explained that most prescription bottles are made of polypropylene; however, Target chose PETG because of the better clarity of PETG. Instead of a typical cylindrical shape, this bottle has a flat surface that makes it easier to see and read the label. The 15-dram and 30-dram bottles sit down on their lids, allowing the label to wrap around the bottle.

Target, Adler, and a label company together create a new mold containing a bottle label, a patient information card, and a patient information sheet. The back of the tape on the label allows the patient information card to slide into the label so that it stays with the product. In the bottleneck increased colored rings came to help patients identify their prescriptions.

This new bottle, which was introduced nationwide last month, replaces the traditional amber vial. Although this new bottle will be displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York this fall, its smooth, eye-catching appearance is a by-product of the ultimate goal of the new designer: Every element of innovative packaging promotes patient safety on demand medication .

Source: China Packaging Network Zhang Lianxi

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