More and more environmentally conscious consumers are becoming more sensitive to the words “formaldehyde, environmental protection, green, sustainable development”. It is not surprising that environmental protection can be an eternal topic in the door and window industry. Door and window environmental protection has always been the focus of attention, and environmental protection doors and windows have always been favored by people. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is whether the doors and windows are environmentally friendly and related to people's health.

Environmental protection solid wood door purchase Raiders family health is the most important

First, make a draft , the type of solid wood door needs to know a lot of solid wood doors, generally according to the structure of solid wood doors, can be divided into solid wood doors, solid core doors (solid wood composite doors) and plywood doors (molded doors) three. Choosing a solid wood door suitable for your own style should have a preliminary plan in mind before the decoration design.

Second, the collection of solid wood door common sense , a number of comparisons learned that when buying solid wood doors, may wish to search the relevant information on the Internet, the initial understanding of the solid wood door, in the store to talk with the merchants of different businesses, Do not know how to understand, listen to their introduction will learn more about the solid wood door to buy common sense. For the same style, the same brand of solid wood doors, from the quality, price, service and other aspects of comprehensive consideration and comparison.

Third, the choice of trustworthy brand is the key , after-sales service is mainly selected by the consumer association certified consumer satisfaction or after-sales service trustworthy home market purchase, the future problems of solid wood doors will be well protected. For example, a well-known solid wood door brand promises: the quality of the sold solid wood doors is three years, and any quality problems can be returned unconditionally and maintained for life.

Fourth, the environmentally-friendly solid wood door is like this , the most important harmful substances produced by the solid wood door of family health are mainly from artificial wooden board and paint coating. When purchasing solid wood doors, you should understand that its environmental protection index is 1.5mg/L formaldehyde emission, soluble lead 90mg/kg, soluble cadmium 75mg/kg, soluble chromium 60mg/kg. No formaldehyde emission, light weight, good rigidity. It is the first choice for solid wood doors with waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-insect, sound insulation, heat preservation and flame retardant. Its material can be nailed like wood, can be sawed and can be planed. The hand feels warm with wood and distributes the fragrance of wood.

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