Environmentally-friendly furniture refers to those furniture that are based on the ecological industry and that are reasonably developed and made of natural materials to meet the specific needs of users, are beneficial to users' health, and have a high cultural heritage and scientific content. Then, how to choose environmentally friendly furniture? In the instructions of environmentally friendly products, we can generally see wood, sheet, hardware hinges, slides, handles, decorations, joint paints or coatings. From these aspects, we can The environmental performance of the furniture is judged.

Wood sheet: pay attention to formaldehyde emission

The main indicators for selecting wood are formaldehyde release and service life and strength. The amount of glue used to produce the board is from small to large, solid wood single board without glue, solid wood horizontal board, solid wood finger joint board, multi-layer solid wood veneer composite board, plywood, blockboard, oriented strand board, particle board, medium density fiberboard, high Density fiberboard. If it is assumed that an environmental grade of aldehyde rubber is used, the amount of formaldehyde released is also increased in turn.

The life index mainly depends on which kind of plate retains the original features of the wood. The structural fibers of the wood are oriented. Its long fiber linear molecular chains and conduits are naturally formed. If the structure is destroyed more, the life and strength are lower. For example, medium-density fiberboard is formed by crushing the wood to form broken fiber and then hot pressing. Some features are close to the performance of the paper, such as fear of moisture, poor strength, furniture. Short life. Experiments have shown that poor wood-based panels have less than one-fifth the life of ordinary wood.

Paint selection: high purity and fast evaporation

At present, most of the paints in the world are made of paints without chemical oil-based release agents. The paints used in China, such as lacquers, lacquers, polypropylenes, alkyds, polyurethanes and polyester lacquers, use oily olefins. The main effect of the olefin is to dilute the paint for easy brushing. After the paint is dried, it will volatilize. Generally, the paint olefin has high purity and fast evaporation. It is basically completely dry within half a year. If it is not good paint, the purity of the olefin is not good. It may not be volatile in one or two years. The worst paint may have a longer evaporation period. The chemical composition of the olefin is too much, the purification is not good, the performance is close to the asphalt, and it is very difficult to completely dry. Because the chemical spectrum in the olefin is too much, each has a different evaporation period, so the interior is often odorous. Practice has proved that it is certain that the air pollutants exceed the standard, and the tastelessness may not exceed the standard. In addition, in China's furniture standards, only the maximum limit of formaldehyde requirements, there is no requirement for the release of harmful gases in the paint, which needs to be improved.

Patio dining table set creates an immensely striking, comfortable and durable place to relax and dine. The rattan weaving finish of the all-weather wicker is complemented by a hidden rust-resistant, powder-coated aluminum frame. A thick layer of tempered glass protects and reflects on the intricate weave below.


-Part of the Hyde Park Collection.

-Modern, clean lines and a fresh, squared shape

-Richly different color fibers

-Handwoven premium resin wicker

-Rust-resistant powder-coated frame

-If you want,can add umbrella hole with cap


Patio dining table set has many options. Round table, Square table and rectangle Patio Dining Set, You can be free collocation by yourself with armchair or armless chair.

Dining Patio Table Set       Dining Patio Table Set

Dining Patio Table Set         Dining Patio Table Set

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Dining Patio Table Set

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