Today, American furniture is loved by many families. Whether it is the rural pastoral style, or the neo-classical and antique style, there have been many fans. So how do you buy good American furniture? Furniture fans take you through four aspects.

American Furniture Purchase Guide 1: Price
The price of American furniture varies greatly, the difference is the size of the brand, the quality of the material, the craft, and so on.
Specifically, the quality of the materials, including the texture of wood and cloth, and the proportion of materials used, the price of furniture made of pure solid wood should be high; the performance of handicraft is also very important for the quality of furniture, some American furniture They are all hand-made, and the carving kungfu is very different from the general machine production. For example, hand-stitching can add more art added value to the furniture.
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American Furniture Buying Guide 2: Material

Good American furniture is made of very good materials, mostly natural wood, such as cherry, mahogany, walnut, oak, birch, alder, black walnut, etc. It is commonly used wood, in addition to red oak, red Oak wood, birch, aspen, fir, maple and other high-grade solid wood.

The current American furniture paints are mostly dark red or brown. In order to highlight the texture and value of the furniture material itself, its veneer is treated with a complex sheet to make the texture itself a decoration.

In the production process, American furniture will use different kinds of rare textures of different woods and different parts, and even the special texture caused by pathological changes in the tree growth period; some very good American furniture will use the wooden heart from the wood and close to the trunk. The lower part.

American Furniture Buying Guide III: Brand

The American furniture market is mixed, some brands do not grasp the connotation of American furniture, and they are common in materials, services, and design levels, but they attract consumers' attention with price advantage. Bad money drives out good money, a few years later or one or two. After the year, consumers will find themselves buying the wrong things. Therefore, when buying American furniture, the choice of brand is very important.

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American Furniture Buying Guide 4: Style

American country style furniture is simple in shape, bright in color, natural and simple in materials, and keeps the tree tumor and pupil in the process of growth, and it may also work on the traces of the old age. The longer the taste, the more casual; the rustic style The colors are mostly natural, especially represented by milky white with a slight yellowing. Cloth is an important element in the American country style. The natural cotton and linen are the mainstream, and the natural feel of the fabric is well coordinated with the rustic style.

American furniture itself is relatively large, requiring room size. If the room size is not sufficient, it is recommended to choose improved or customized American furniture to match the actual space usage ratio. In addition, this kind of furniture also has several styles, such as country style, neo-classical style and antique style. It is suitable for different decoration environments, such as antique American furniture. It is large in size and elegant in style. It is used in veneer patterns, engravings and fabric patterns. The sun flower symbolizing the kingship, the complicated mosaic pattern, and so on.

The neo-classical American furniture, the whole process is complex, carved, finely carved, carved with gold, giving a deep and shocking impression, suitable for more luxurious decoration. Modern American furniture is based on comfort, retaining elegant lines and carvings that are simple and simple, and is the first choice for enjoying life.

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