High temperature oven:

1. Product use:

High temperature oven, suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units, military industry, colleges, laboratories, medicine, biology, etc., can be widely used for various types of metal workpieces, minerals and other materials for heating and anti-aging, heat treatment, aging, annealing, pre-heating Applications such as heat and stress relief and high temperature testing.

Second, the structure:

1. The studio is made of high-quality steel plate or stainless steel plate, while using stainless steel tubular electric heater, the whole machine has a long service life. The high temperature fan circulates in the hot air, the temperature is uniform and the working efficiency is high.

2. The outer shell of this type of high-temperature oven is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the outer shell and inner liner are filled with ceramic fiber + rock wool to form a reliable insulation layer.

3. The heater is located at the bottom of the studio, using brand-name electrical components, stable operation and low maintenance costs.

4. Using digital PID automatic constant temperature instrument, clear and eye-catching, easy to operate. .

3. Features

1. Adopt electronic temperature control to provide precise and uniform heating effect.

2. The high-temperature sealed door adopts double-layer sealing to keep the temperature consistent and reduce power consumption.

3. Reasonable stainless steel frame structure to ensure quality, improve efficiency and reduce pollution.

4. Design for easy maintenance.

5. Adjustable air valve and over-temperature protection device.

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