Environmentally friendly home decoration can bring a fresh and natural harmonious life. It is not difficult to have this life. Each functional area can create environmental protection elements by selecting furniture and strengthening green plant decoration according to their respective characteristics. A pleasant sensory experience.

PART1: Environmentally friendly furniture decoration


Decorative TIPS: The first thing I saw was a wooden wall, rustic wooden furniture, the main color of the wood color, and an environmentally friendly atmosphere. At the same time, when choosing household items, the choice of materials is strong and durable, avoiding the decoration of too strong furniture, such as the combination of sofas and wooden chairs, can not only add a sense of fashion to the home, but also lack of natural harmony.


Decorative TIPS: There is not only the addition of wood elements, but also a large area of ​​cotton and linen material, which is a good interpretation of our slow life. Simple wooden furniture, elegant plain decoration, plus some nostalgic little things, make people feel comfortable and relaxed. It is the main theme to cure in this home.


Decorative TIPS: Muzhi Workshop advocates the use and production of sustainable wood furniture and is committed to promoting environmentally friendly wood furniture. Plain wall and floor, with its own log furniture, no decoration, friendly and peaceful is the best environmentally friendly home life.


Decorating TIPS: The bedroom here is a simple style route, not too much exaggerated furniture. Simple can't be simpler. Brown, plaid and wooden furniture allow the space to breathe. The host family took a lot of thoughts on the decoration of the bay window, and specially made a lounge chair from the furniture store. The curtains were also specially made of cotton and linen, which can enjoy the "slow" comfort in such a corner. .

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