The exercise bike is called " power bicycle " in the field of sports science. It is divided into two types: upright and back-type ( also called horizontal ) exercise bikes. It can adjust the intensity ( power ) during exercise and play a fitness effect. Call it an exercise bike. Aerobic fitness equipment that is typical of simulated outdoor sports is also known as cardio training equipment. Mainly through the body for a long time, the appropriate intensity of exercise to promote cardiovascular exercise, speed up metabolism, enhance heart and lung function, thereby improving the body's physical fitness.

Here are two fitness methods for exercise bikes:

1. High-intensity fitness methods for young people:

1 Warm-up stage: 5 minutes of riding, the speed should not be too fast.

2 High-intensity stage: ride at 80% to 100% of the strength of the human body for five minutes, then slow down and ride for five minutes, and slow down when riding.

3 In the recovery phase, ride at 50% intensity for ten minutes, and the riding speed will gradually slow down until it stops.

4 In addition, young people can also selectively set up some difficult cycling environments. Such as increasing the intensity of fitness by increasing the load.

2 , fitness methods for middle-aged people:

1 The free riding method is used, and the riding time is about 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

2 The riding speed can be freely mastered. The starting stage must be slow, then gradually speed up, but gradually slow down before the end of fitness.

3 Pay attention to the breathing when riding, so that my breathing does not appear to be rapid. Also consciously take the initiative to breathe.

4 Also pay attention to the intensity control during riding, generally should control the heart rate within the maximum heart rate range. That is, the upper limit = (220 - age ) × 80% , the lower limit = (220 - age ) × 60% , which is the maximum, minimum safe heart rate.

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