It is also tricky to use the eyeliner to achieve the effect of zooming in on your eyes.

Double 眸 instant magnification technique

Lower eyeliner

Nowadays, most models are walking down the eyeliner and walking down the T-stage. Unconsciously, they find that more and more street girls have also drawn the lower eyeliner. Some even use the lower eyeliner as the sole focus of the eye makeup. It seems that the eyeliner has really changed. The lower eyeliner succeeded in winning the protagonist. In fact, the eye makeup of the eyeliner is to highlight the XXL extra large eye shape effect, you can separate the upper and lower eyelids from the corner of the eyelashes from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye, and then draw the line down, then deepen the lower eyeliner, and then the whole Surrounded by eyelids, a small tail is pulled out at the end of the eye to stretch the eye shape to form a deep squat.

Key points: Draw your eyeliner and don't worry about it once, don't accidentally be too heavy, let the beauty become a strange makeup. You need to thicken and deepen over the roots of the lashes over and over again. To be on the safe side, you should also choose an eyeliner or eyeliner that is easy to use for easy makeup and makeup.

Double 眸 instant magnification technique

Very Q's little wing eyeliner

At first glance, the model's eye makeup is like a cute little wing on both sides of the eye. That's right. This is the little wing eye makeup that this year's girls love. The skill of drawing this makeup is to use an eyeliner to draw a wing-shaped outline at the end of the eye according to the height and length of the eye shape, and then slowly fill in the color, remembering that the small wings at the end of the eye should have small sharp corners, otherwise it will become A giant panda.

Key points: To draw the eyeliner of such a small wing, do not use eyeliner, it will be too hard, not easy to smudge, eyeliner or eyeliner is a good choice. Of course, when you draw the eyeliner, you should be gentle. Don't increase it. If the color is too dark, use a cotton swab or a paper towel to gently wipe off some of it. It doesn't matter if it is slightly smudged, but make sure that the corner of the eye is small. .

Double 眸 instant magnification technique

Inverted eyeliner, hit the "eyelash" card

If you want to issue a "everyone for me, I am everyone" award for the makeup industry, then it is the eyeliner. In addition to helping to expand the eye shape and enhance the eyes, the eyeliner does not know that the makeup artist also uses the color of the eyeliner to counteract the eyelashes. This has been fully demonstrated in the spring and summer 2013 show. The makeup artist likes to draw the end of the eye with black eyeliner at the last eight eyelashes, making the line active and creating a strong modern effect, then the focus is on the eyeliner. Add the upper eyeliner or lower eyeliner of blue, green, apricot and metallic to make it contrast with the black eyelashes, highlighting the thickness of the eyelashes.

Key points: You can use the eyeliner or sponge brush to fuse the two colored eyeliners and then draw the eyeliner. The natural fusion color can also draw the lines of the pattern. If the eyeliner is not flat, you can use a sponge brush to quickly absorb it, or turn the blurred lines into a colorful smoky makeup. >>> Eyeliner of different eye types

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