With the advent of the National Fitness Day, the fitness movement has become more and more concerned and the participation of the whole nation has grown. At the same time as the school sports facilities are gradually opening to the outside world, basketball is becoming more and more popular. There are more and more basketball games, both amateur and professional. Then the sports flooring of basketball stadiums has also developed rapidly. The three basic functions of sports flooring, sports, protection and technology in the basketball court are also becoming more and more significant. However, with the increase of sports competitions, the increase in the frequency of the use of sports wood floors, the maintenance of sports wood floors is particularly important. What are the maintenance and cleaning of sports floor in basketball court?


1, sports wood floor maintenance should pay attention to matters:

1.1 Painted wood floor maintenance.

According to wooden products, waxing is a general method of protecting products, but sports wood floors have strict requirements on the friction coefficient of the floor surface. If the floor surface is too smooth, the athletes will easily cause a decrease in the coefficient of friction during exercise. Slippage of the soles of the feet affects the normal level of competition. In serious cases, slipping accidents may occur. Therefore, the maintenance of varnish for sports wood floor is not waxing, but “extinction” (refers to the fact that the friction of a certain area is rubbed by the soles of the shoe for a long time, which causes the friction coefficient of the area to decrease), and the extinction is the removal with special machines. Lacquer gloss or use special matting agent to remove oily luster.

1.2 It is strictly forbidden to use solvent type oil products to clean the floor.

Solvent-type oil products: products such as gasoline, kerosene, alcohols, and esters that dissolve on the surface of paint. Because solvent-based products can cause damage to the floor paint, it will also reduce the coefficient of friction on the surface of the paint, increase the smoothness and affect the normal use of the floor.

1.3 Strengthen the maintenance of supporting facilities.

The dead holes of the floor vents, expansion joints and heaters, and sports equipment installation sites should be regularly cleaned. They should not be blocked and can be cleaned by vacuum cleaners or air compressors. If there is excessive accumulation of dust, this site is susceptible to mildew, worms, and plugging.

2, sports wood floor cleaning procedures:

2.1 Use a clean soft brush or cotton mop to remove foreign matter and dust from the floor.

2.2 If the frequency of use of the floor is high, the dust removal frequency must be increased accordingly.

2.3 Wipe the floor once with a water-based floor cleaner.

2.4 Ordinary stains can be wiped with wet wipes; in the case of shoe prints that are not easily removable, they can be cleaned using a Hannell-approved cleaning solution.

2.5 Check at any time and keep it clean.

3, sports wood floor maintenance:

3.1 It is forbidden to wear shoes with nails and sandstones to enter the wooden floor. The entrance shall be set with rubber pads or other devices for soles.

3.2, the floor must not be soaked in water, ventilation holes should be regularly cleaned, indoor humidity should be maintained at 50 ~ 70%, indoor temperature should be controlled between 10 °C ~ 35 °C, winter room temperature is not higher than 18 °C (non-game ).

3.3 In the winter (when the air is dry), wipe the floor once every two days with water mop, and reduce it in summer.

3.4 Do not turn on the forced air heater when there is no match.

3.5 Change the wind every day in summer, no less than 2 hours each time.

3.6 If there is a large-scale event, the wooden floor should be protected by the finished product. The specific method is to cover the floor with polypropylene carpets before the start of the event until the end of the activity and then remove the carpet.

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