Recently, B&R introduced a new generation of intelligent drivers, ACOPOSmulti, which is an upgrade after the successful launch of the ACOPOS series. ACOPOSmulti represents the highest performance characteristics of multi-axis machines (usually used in plastics, packaging, printing and textile machinery). Taking into account environmental factors, B&R has designed its products with low energy consumption.

Energy "zero" consumption in the electrical cabinet The ACOPOSmulti product is a drive solution that does not consume any energy in the distribution cabinet. A cooling circulation system (water, oil, etc.) can be connected to an IP65-protected rail cooler and a "cold panel" code that dissipates heat outside the cabinet, eliminating the need to install fans or air conditioners in the cabinet.

Performance module with energy feedback

All power supply modules in ACOPOSmulti products can feed back energy. The existence of an integrated energy feedback system can completely avoid the occurrence of kinetic energy heating distribution cabinets and does not have an impact on the environment. Another advantage is that only real energy is lost in the power supply.

Comprehensive 24V additional power module for protection against power failure

ACOPOSmulti provides a comprehensive 24V power supply module for the drive, even PLCs, PCs or peripherals (optional).

Innovative connection design The screening screen is fastened to the mounting plate and secured with two screws so that the connection between the two power supply modules can be established.

Overall System Components Safety The ACOPOS multi system uses the ETHERNET Powerlink protocol. ACOPOS multi system security includes the following from Cat. 3, EN954-1 function: non-free and free stop, safe stop and operation interruption, safe limited step measurement and limited safety absolute position. Safe limited speed, safe direction of rotation.

Source: China Food Industry

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