In the industry, a process of large-scale growth and cultivation of biologically active substances (microorganisms, animal and plant cells, enzymes, etc.) to produce and accumulate a large amount of metabolites required by people is called "fermentation".

Fermenters (or a wide variety of reactors) are the core equipment for industrial fermentation, providing a good reaction environment for the fermentation process. The fermenter structure mainly comprises a majority of the reaction vessel and the control system 2, the reaction vessel provides a reaction environment for the fermentation process, and the control system controls the reaction environment to a set target value.

It is generally believed that below 500L is a laboratory-scale fermenter, and more than 500L is a production scale fermenter. Laboratory-scale fermenters are pre-tested for production scale

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Plastic Storage Boxes

More and more people choose plastic storage boxes when they choose to store their containers, whether they are household goods or office supplies. Because the plastic storage box makes it light and easy to handle because of the material, and the well-designed box makes the space utilization rate high, it gradually became one of the first choices for storing goods. Because the material of the plastic storage box is generally ABS, PC, etc., it results in a box that is cheap and durable.

We can provide customized services to our customers based on their design needs and material requirements.

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