Many companies, especially food and pharmaceutical companies, have very high requirements for cleanliness. These companies generally need a relatively clean working environment in order to produce qualified products. Some large-scale enterprises generally use air-cooled channel equipment to achieve the purpose of purifying the environment. Generally, these devices are used every day. What should I do when the air shower channel is wrong?

In order to prevent our air passages from going wrong or being mistaken for immediate processing, it is necessary to master some common fault handling. First of all, we need to know the power switch of the air shower channel. The general air shower channel has four switches, one is the switch of the air shower channel outer box, the other is the control panel switch in the box body, and the switch on the outer box body on both sides. When our air shower channel is not working, we first check if these switches are off. In many cases, the three-phase four-wire switch of the air shower channel will be reversed, and the consequences are also serious.

When the air shower channel can not automatically induce the blowing, we need to check whether the light sensing system in the lower right corner of the air shower channel box is installed correctly. If it is not correct, we need to align the light on both sides, so that the wind The drenching channel can achieve a very good induction effect.

  • 100% Aluminum--magnesium alloy material
  • Aluminum alloy pull rod
  • 360° Mute Cardan wheel
  • TSA customs combination lock

Feybaul Aluminum Alloy Luggage brings you a high quality carry on luggage/suitcase for all your travel needs, fits perfectly into the sizer at the airport. Made from 100% Aviation  Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy. All Aluminum construction provides ultra durability and a light weight case for easy handling. 4 Dual-Blade Spinner Wheels for extra smooth and quiet 360° rolling. Also includes TSA Approved Dual Combo Locks, very easy to configure. Fully lined interior with multi-use organizational pockets make it easy for packing clothes.

Aluminum Alloy Luggage

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