Although many artists, such as painters and sculptors, often rely on their own imagination to create, some artists rely more on actual objects, and even those who are more imaginative are rooted in the real world.

Today there is a company called Anatomy360 that specializes in developing standard human reference models for artists through digital technology. The human body is one of the most frequently used materials for sculpture, painting or similar creations because of its innate aesthetic advantage. For artists, finding the right mannequin for a creative project is not that easy, especially when they still need models to fix a pose for a long time, without wearing clothes or wearing very little clothes. What Anatomy360 and its 3D modeling /printing technology want to meet is such a need.

So how does Anatomy360 work? Their technicians use a high-resolution 3D scanner to scan a man in a variety of poses, which are a smooth movement. Using a 3D scanner, they scan a large number of individuals and then convert them into a basic grid using a topology conversion tool called Wrap X. Finally, their 3D animation software, Lightwave 3D, morphed the models and printed the deformed model 3D .

“The biggest advantage of using a scanning method compared to the traditional method of manufacturing a reference model is its accuracy,” Anatomy360 said on his blog. “This is a real person who prints out after posing in a real pose. The object is 100% accurate in all respects."

When all of them are modeled, they will pick out 6 models for each model for 3D printing, that is, to model a model, 3D prints a set of 6 models, each model represents its action. One location. These 3D printed models are quite accurate and detailed, and you can even see tiny pores on your back.

However, Anatomy3D is currently creating a reference model for this 3D printing. It is also a test phase. They want to see how the artists react to this product to determine if there is such a market. According to Xiaobian, although they are currently using 3D printing, the effect is good, but if the company finds that there are enough artists interested in this reference model, they will use injection molding for mass production.

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